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July 28, 2008

Re: Steve Farzam

To Whom It May Concern;

This letter is to verify that Steve Farzam has been offering his professional services and personal time as a volunteer with the spcaLA since January 2005. His duties as a volunteer have been to train as an EMT with the Disaster Animal Response Team, which consists of law enforcement and rescue personnel that are trained to rescue animals in major disaster evacuations. He has attended ongoing training over the past three years with the team, with the efforts in Louisiana after the Katrina Hurricane disaster. During this time he was able to provide first aid to a civilian who was severely injured by a large animal, and was able to provide first aid to team members during this deployment.

He has also been training and certifYing the employees at the agency with BLS/CPR training for the past eight years and has also participated with ongoing training as it relates to the qualifications of the sworn pers.onnel and has on occasion been the on-site EMT for search warrant operations. He has worked a total of 196 hours as a volunteer with our agency.

His services and time given to the agency have been invaluable and he has become a great asset to the agency. If you have any further questions you can contact me at the number below.


Sergeant Steven Pacheco #I I 4

spcaLA Law Enforcement Division Operations Manager

5026 West Jefferson Boulevard

Los Angeles,Ca. 90016

323.730.5300 ext 278




South Bay Pet Adoption Center & Shelter Q 12910 Yukon Ave., Hawthorne, CA 90250″‘ P: 310-676-1149




Office of the City Attorney

Los Angeles, California

WRITERS DIRECT DIAL (818) 756-8881



(818) 758-9444



April 9, 2001

Mr. Steven Farzam

479 Homewood Road

Los Angeles, CA 90049

Dear Mr. Farzam;

Thank you for your assistance and cooperation in the prosecution of the People v. Miguel Sandoval (#1VN00101) case. With your assistance we were able to obtain the conviction of Mr. Sandoval for driving under the influence.

From the beginning, your efforts have been key in the apprehension and the conviction in this case. Your diligence in recognizing Mr. Sandoval’s erratic driving, notifying the police and following him until the police could apprehend him is commendable.. Additionally your presence in court, and your willingness to assist in any way necessary were significant factors in gaining the conviction.

Taking one’s time to get “involved”, such as you did, is truly admirable behavior, and is great benefit to the general public. Your conduct is laudable, and I thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Laura Van

.Assistant Supervisor

Van Nuys Criminal


CC: Councilperson Cindy Miscikowski ss:lve





14410 SYLVAN STREET • ROOM 106 o VAN NUYS CA 91401

Recyclable and made from recyclable waste 0


Santa Barbara County






Emergency Medical Services


300 North San Antonio Road • Santa Barbara, CA 93110-1316

805/681-5274 • FAX 805/681-5142






Elliot S hulman,

Roger Herou.

Tara Brown, MBA AsSIStant Director



May 18, 1999


Steven Farzam

2022 Cliff Drive, #133

Santa Barbara, CA 93109


Dear Mr. Farzam:


On behalf of Santa Barbara County, the Emergency Medical Services agency would like to acknowledge your role in the safety and well-being of our community. EMS week honors paramedics, physicians, nurses, and EMS personneL Moreover, this week confirms the importance of quality care provided within our region.


As we approach the millennium we may remind ourselves of the challenges ahead. EMS is exciting because it is always changing and adapting to new demands and possibilities, undiscovered ideas and innovative solutions.


Your dedication and hard work make the system what it is. The citizens of, and visitors to, Santa Barbara County depend upon your rapid response and collaborative spirit. It is this that enhances the dependability of the EMS system. We are proud to be a part of the team and look forward to combining our collective talent and energy to continue improving our system.








Nancy Lapolla, D’itector

Emergency Medical Services








c: Angelo Salvucci, M.D.














Healthier communities through leadership, partnership and science.




Santa Barbara, California 93106







Mr. Steve Farzam

2022 Cliff Drive # 133

Santa Barbara, California 93109


March 20, 1998




Subject: Letter of Commendation



Dear Mr. Farzam,



I would like to take this opportunity to commend you for your involvement in apprehending a drunk driver who caused a traffic collision in which several people were injured.



On March 10, 1998 at approximately eight o’clock in the evening, you were driving behind a truck that was weaving dangerously from side to side across two traffic lanes. You correctly assume,d

‘the driver was significantly impaired and took immediate action.



You positioned your vehicle directly behind the violator and signaled other unsuspecting drivers,­ warning them away. You used your cellular telephone to alert the University of California Police Department and stayed on the line to keep responding officers informed of the violator’s location.



The violator collided with a car that was stopped for a red traffic signal, causing a chain reaction which involved three other vehicles and resulted in seven people suffering injuries. The timely ilifomzation you provided allowed the first emergency personnel to arrive at the scene within seconds.



You even detained the uncooperative violator and handed him over to arriving police officers. The violator was subsequently evaluated and charged with felony driving under the influence of




Steve, your involvement made a real difference. Thanks for a job well done!








Wi’ll !nf            ieuwenhuize


  • —— .












POLICE DEPARTMENT                                                                                                            SANTA BARBARA. CALIFORNIA 93106-1010


May 4, 1998




Mr. Steve Farzam

2022 Cliff Drive #133

Santa Barbara, CA 93109


RE: Thank You


Dear Mr. Farzam:


I, too, would like to offer my appreciation to those expressed by Officer van Nieuwenhuize for your assistance in the apprehension of a suspected drunk driver.


I have read the arrest report and it is evident you used good judgment in initially avoiding the suspect’s vehicle, and thereafter in alerting other unsuspecting drivers. You used your cellular phone to notify our department.


Unfortunately the suspected drunk driver collided with another vehicle that resulted in a chain reaction accident that injured several others. You assisted in the suspect’s arrest and I trust you will be a valuable witness, should the driver plead not guilty.



Thanks again.



Jo n L. MacPherson, C ief of Police





cc: Officer van Nieuwenhuize




.,   ;               ..








.1… ‘

  • ‘ : .l”·’··

‘it- ..













Vol. 8, No.3.

t)’ Scripps Mercy Hospital

Chula Vista


Chula Vista



March 2008


VOlunteer Is Hero at Hospital and in Community


;}(One· issue of Around Chula Vista each quarter features a cover story on an employee who is making a difference at the hospital and in the community.)




If you’ve spent much time around the hospital, chances are you know Steve Farzarn ofVolunteer Services. Even if you do not know Steve, you might have seen him roaming the halls with his dog Scooter. The six-year-old chocolate lab currently serves as Scripps Mercy Chula Vista’s only pet therapy dog.”Patients love seeing him, and sometimes they get emotional,” Steve said. “Even the staff gets excited to see him. It’s amazing to see their reactions when I bring in Scooter.”

Originally a police narcotics dog, Scooter was forced to retire because ofblindness in one of his eyes. Scooter is also losing vision in his other eye, but Steve said it has not slowed him down. “He’s always anxious to come to the hospital,” Steve shared, “and I think patients can maybe relate to him better because of the blindness.”

Steve originally came to Scripps Mercy Chula Vista to work as

a paramedic intern in the Emergency Room and is now certified with the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians®.

Recently, that experience carne in handy. While off duty, he saw a car slam into a rail and wrap around a pole on the 125 toll road. As he approached, he noticed that the car had caught fire, and

a m<J.:n was pinned inside, Steve pulled over, and once he decided that he could safely intervene, he took action. Usii)g an extinguisher he always carries in his trunk, Steve put out the fire. The victim was unconscious and had an arm and both his legs pinned under the steering column. Steve was able to keep the victim’s airway open until fire crews arrived. He also assisted with breathing for the victim until he could be extricated from the vehicle.

Since the accident, Steve has twice visited the victim, who suffered severe burns and other injuries but is still able to walk. “The family

is very grateful,” Steve indicated. “They call me an angel and have really expressed their gratitude.” Rescue personnel in the community have also taken notice of Steve’s life-saving work. He’s been nominated by t6e Chula Vista Fire Department for the Natiomil Hero of the Year Award. “I just reacted and did what I thought was right,” Steve claimed, “but it is nice to receive that kind of honor from

the co:nnilunity.”



(Continued on page 2)

Steve assisted the accident victim until first responders arrived.





Steve is now passing on what he has learned through his work, both on and off-duty, to others. He is cun·ently in the midst of his

first year teaching EMT Services at

Southwestern College.

“I love having my own class,” he shared. “There are great people there, and I love giving back to the community.” Of course, Steve also will continue to serve patients at the hospital, with some help from Scooter. “It’s the mostrewarding feeling to bring Scooter in andtnake someone’s night.

It’s something “I’ll continue to do.”



Scooter at his best with the hospital staff






April22 marm\l F”zsthAnniversary

  • “.. :.. ·


to San Dieg (Jt§U)lty care physici f<ir)ned


.Hrt•ing Ji1l



in conjuncti Ji

the San Diego” area. MPMG has grown to include more than 75 internal medicine, general pra tlcand family practice physicians with more than 150 affiliated


Mercy Physicians MedicalGroup, !no.


specialists/;Mi>MG partners with Scripps Mercy Hospital and contracts with almost all the major California health plans. MP!VJG has also expanded geographically to include sites in Bonita, La Jolla, Clairemont, and the beach areas.

“Our phy J ians

patient as an individual,” commented Stewart Frank, M.D., president ofMPMG. “We arecommitted to striving for the highest level of patient satisfaction and look forward to providing many more years of quality care to

our community.”

MPMG physicians offer flexible office and clinic hours plus services at urgent care centers to accommodate the busy schedules of patients. Many of the physicians are fluent in other languages, includingSpanish Japanese, Tagalog, Farsi, French and German, and they consistently score well in statewide quality indicators.

About MPMG: MPMG is an independent practice association (IPA) whose physicians are conveniently located in neighborhood offices in the South Bay and San Diego areas so they can offer highly personalized care to members. Using state-of-the-art technology, they now streamline referrals electronically to more than 150 affiliated specialists. For a complete listing of physicians, please visit MPMG’s website at For more information, please contact La Donna Dwyer, executive director, at 619-543-8800.




Scripps Mercy Hospital has been awarded the UnitedHealth Premium® Cardiac Specialty Center and Premium® Surgical Spine Specialty Center designation for 2007 to 2009 in recognition of quality of care.

UnitedHealthcare developed the UnitedHeaiih Premium Specialty Center designation program to give its members information about ang access,to hospitals that meet their rigorous quality criteria. The designation

is based on detailed informatio.n about specialized training, practice capabilities and proficiencies that Scripps

Mercy submits to UnitedHealthcare and is designed to help members make informed decisions should they need cardiac or spine care.

To receive this designation, Scripps Mercy met extensive quality and outcomes criteria based on nationally recognized medicalstandards arid expert advice. The criteria incorporate measurements of breadth and depth of care, staff experience, emergency care, quality and outcomes reporting.







5026 West jefferson Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90016


<R> (888) SPCA·LAl


(323) 730·5333


P.D. Pitchford Companion Animal

Village It Education Center noo East Spring Street Long Beach, CA 90815

Adoptions: (562) 570-SPCA

Marketplace: (562) 570-4926

Pet Hotel 0 GroomlnB Salon:

(562) 570·3079


South Bay Pet Adoption Center

12910 Yukon Avenue

Hawthorne, CA 90250

Adoptions: (310) 676-1149

Humane Education:

(310) 676·1149, ext 228



Report Animal Cruelty



Animal Behavior Helpline

1-888-772-2521, ext 260



Text GETINFO to 27138 to receive text message updates

(messa3e 0 data rates apply)

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Los Angeles, since 1877




September 23, 2014




Sand/Sea Public Safety

C/0 Mr. Steve Farzam, COO PO Box 491703

Los Angeles, CA 90049




Dear Mr. Farzam,


On behalf of the Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers of spcaLA- and especially the animals of Southern California – I thank you for your exceedingly generous gift of the 2009 Ford Crown Victoria (VIN 2FAHP71V19X108116), received on September 11, 2014. Your support will continue ill faciiitaie spcaLA’s ongoing mission to prevent cruelty to animals through Education, Law Enforcement, Intervention, and Advocacy.


Since 1877, yourspcaLA has served the people and animals of Southern California, and has done so through the support of donors like you and Sand/Sea Public Safety. There is no national “SPCA” or humane society that provides support for the animals of Southern California, and we do not receive any government funding.


As a donor, you are more than a constituent- you are a member of spcaLA’s family, and play a direct role in ensuring the continued viability and maintenance of our programs. Moreover, your continued support helps us advocate for those without a voice, whose ongoing welfare and protection not only strengthens them, but each of us as a community. Your generous gift is indeed a demonstration of your concern for the welfare of Southern California’s animals and your confidence in spcaLA.


Thank you again for your generous support of spcaLA’s mission of providing for the well-being of the animals!

All the Best,





spcaLA is a tax-exempt, 501(c){3) nonprofit organization. All contributions made to spcaLA are tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by law. No goods or services were given in exchange for this donation. Federal Tax I.D. 95-1738153.









Dedicated to the prevention of cruelty to animals through

Education, Law Enforcement, Intervention, 0 Advocacy.






David 0.W!ebe!S, M.D.

Chair of the Board Anita W.Coupe, Esq. Vtce Chair of the Board Eugene W. Lorenz Board Treasurer

Wayne Pacella Presldrm/ & CEO G.Thomas Waite Ill Treasurer & CFO Roger A.Kindler, Esq.

General Counsel& CLO

Janet D. Frake



Andrew N.Rowan, Ph.D. Executive Vice President Operations MichaelMarkarlan Executive Vice President External Affairs

Patricia A.Forkan SeniorVtce President Extemlll Affairs lntematkmal John W.Grandy,Ph.D.

Senior VICe President Wildlife & Habitat Protection Heidi Prescott

Senior Vu:e President


Katherine B. liscomb Administration & Animal Care Centers Nicholas Braden Communications

Rl<:llard M.Clugston, Ph.D.

Higher Education Jonathar1 A.lowom, Esq. Animal Protection Utigalion MiyunPark

Farm Animal Welfare Nancy Parry, Esq. Government Affafrs Steve Putnam

Business Development &

Corporate Relalfons

Robert G.R00p,Ph.D., SPHR Human Resources & Education Programs

Melissa Seide Rubin, Esq.

Field & Disaster Services John M.Snyder Companion Animals Martin l.Stephens, Ph.D. Animal Research Issues Richard W. SWain Jr. lnvesligave Services Gretchen Wyler Hollywood Office


Leslie Lee Alexander,Esq. Patricia Mares Asip

Peter A. Bander

Baibara S.Brack

Donald W.Cashen,Ph.D. Anita W. Coupe, Esq.

Neil B.Fang, Esq., CPA Judi Friedman

David John Jhirad,Ph.D. Jennifer Leaning,M.D. Eugene W.Lorenz William F.Mancuso

Mary Max

Patrick L. McDonnell

Gil Michaels

Judy Ney JudyJ.Peil Marian G. Probst

Joshua S. Reichert, Ph.D.

Jeffery 0.Rose James D. Ross, Esq. Man1yn G.Seyler Walter J.Stewart, Esq. John E.Taft

David 0.Wiebers,M.D.


: .dp              e

Seal and FSCcertified, v,ilh soy-based itlk.






August 12, 2006







As we approach the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, we here at the Humane Society of the

United States want to thank you for your contributions over the past year.


Whether you responded to the Gulf coast in person or provided assistance from afar, your efforts are appreciated and helped to provide relief to animals and their human companions so adversely affected by the devastating storm.


The 2005 hurricane season raised awareness in every community of the importance of protecting animals from disasters. Although the loss and heartbreak of the storm will never be forgotten, neither should we forget the efforts we all made to respond to the disaster and the positive community and legislative efforts that resulted!


As many other organizations and individuals have been doing over the last 12 months, The Humane Society of the United States has been working both to assist in recovery from the past and to provide resources to make the future of animals in disasters a much brighter one.


By working together in the future, we will continue to make a difference in the lives of animals that look to us for their care, protection, and rescue.


Please accept this token of our appreciation for your participation in the largest animal rescue effort in history, and our gratitude for your service!






Randall B. Covey

Director of Disaster Services



Promoting the protection of all animals

2100L Street, NW, Washington, DC 20037 202-452-1100 Fax: 202-778-6132



effl’rtiftrat!l of ommttnbation

is hereb2f   presented to




In recognition of his courage and civic mindedness which, on February 5, 2001, led directly to the arrest and conviction of a drunk driver whose actions had endangered the lives of numerous motorists and even pedestrians. Mr. Farzam, who is employed by American Medical Response, under contract to the Los Angeles County Sheriff, was off duty and headed north on the San Diego Freeway in West Los Angeles when he observed a pickup truck weaving in its lane. He caught up to the truck and saw that the driver appeared to be sleepy, so he dropped back and followed the truck, and called the California Highway Patrol to report a possible drunk driver. He continued to follow the truck as it went through Sepulveda Pass and transitioned to the westbound 101 Freeway, exiting at Hayvenhurst. Mr. Farzam then called the Los Angeles Police Department and asked that the truck be intercepted, Meanwhile the truck’s driver nearly hit a woman and her daughter crossing Hayvenhurst, and the truck swerved onto a sidewalk, narrowly missing a large picket fence. Mr. Farzam then used his hand-held company radio to access an LAPD frequency, which resulted in the truck’s driver being stopped in front of his own home, before he could enter his driveway. Mr. Farzam stood by as the police officer administered a field sobriety test, which yielded a level of .16, twice the legal minimum. Later, his testimony in court helped win the conviction of the driver. He is to be commended for taking the time to get involved in the removal from the streets of a driver who already had a drunk-driving conviction. Given, with appreciation, this lst day of June, 2001 by

Councilwoman 11th District