As the warm weather approaches you’re probably ready to take your at-home workouts outdoors. Many gyms have begun to open their doors but with limited capacity and regulations. No better way to continue your own workout plan than going outside and soaking up the sun. Here are a few things you should keep in mind while working out in the summer heat.


Let Your Body Adjust to the Heat

One mistake people make is going outside and jumping right into their normal workout routine. Try a less intensive one-hour workout in the heat for a few days to let your body get a feel. The sweat you produce outside is very different from working out in your home which calls for some changes in your routine. Turning the intensity down just a bit will not have a large negative effect as you’re sweating more under the sun. 


Picking Out Clothing

It is common to wear the same workout clothing you do indoors outside but you might want to consider buying some new pieces. Naturally, if you’re stepping out in the summer you wear less clothing. The key is to make sure you’re wearing breathable materials. Cotton is a very common fabric that is worn in the gym but does not do as well outdoors. Try to find tops that brand themselves on being a breathable material such as nylon that is good for sweat. It is also important to wear light-colored clothing in order to absorb less heat.


Signs That You Should Stop

When working out outside it is important to notice the little things in your body. Cramps and muscle spasms are very common signs that you should take a break or stop for the day. Make sure to stretch out any muscles that have been affected by the heat. Although being out of breath usually occurs for some time, watch out for fatigue and dizziness. Your blood pressure may be low, which calls for some rest. Never push yourself while outside in the heat, especially when your body is just getting used to it. 


Hopefully, it will feel great to exercise outside after a few months of indoor workouts and no gyms being open. Just remember some of these tips and the importance of making mental and physical adjustments to help your body adjust to the summertime heat. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water during your workout!