With the population increasing and the demand for homes rising, the potential danger of wildfire and its destructive effects also rises. Nearly 50 million American households are in danger due to their proximity to wildfires. The threat of wildfire is realistic and should be taken seriously. There are measures you can take to reduce the likelihood of a wildfire impacting your home and yourself.

Perhaps the most essential tips for wildfire safety are as follows:

  1. First, listen to local television stations or NOAA broadcasts
  2. Second, to prepare yourself and your family for a quick evacuation and to locate local shelters 
  3. Third, is to check important prescriptions and medical supplies.

It is vital to clear any dead foliage and organic material from driveways, porches, roofs, gutters, and fences. Wildfires are often caused by embers falling onto dry leaves or other dry, flammable material. Each home has openings to the outside that provide a potential entrance for embers to come into the home. Once inside of the house, the embers could ignite furniture and burn the house from the interior.

In addition to clearing dry, dead foliage, it is crucial to also trim back overgrown trees, bushes, and shrubs. Flora that is 5 feet or closer to your property is especially important to trim back as they pose an exceptional risk. Some trees hang over roofs sand porches as well and should also be given extra attention.

Evacuation is a real possibility due to the threat of wildfires. If you are forced to evacuate your home, it is important to close all doors and windows as tight as possible before you leave, including pet doors. To reiterate, many homes are destroyed from the interior due to embers entering the structure through open windows and doors.

In addition to making sure all openings in the house are sealed, it is suggested that you store cushions, wicker furniture, decorations, and pots from any outside area. Wicker and patio chair cushions are quite flammable and could be ignited by embers. Also, rake and removed all debris from the area surrounding your property.

With proper preparedness, you can preserve your home or property and also protect yourself and the people you care about.